Our life is nothing short of an adventure...

Wind in our hair and screams of delight but also unpredictable turns and unknown outcomes. We are a family of six; Dave, Susie, Nate, Jake, Sam, and Bella.

God has been faithful in our marriage and through the birth and blessings of our boys.

God has been faithful during our adoption journey and united Bella with us in May of 2008. We were privileged to visit with Bella's birth mother; therefore, Bella's family in Guatemala will always be dear to our hearts.

On October 16, 2008, Bella was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. We are now battling the disease with 2 years and 3 months of treatment. We believe God will continue to be faithful!

Our family is committed to living life to the fullest...even on the hard days. Thank you for checking in and journeying with us!

Friday, February 27, 2009

We talk in summer, now lets meet on the slopes!

We re on our way Up North for a ski day with our boys and friends. Bella will be staying with my Mom for the day. Just wanted to touch base and let you know all is well. Bella had chemo again yesterday....she is really shaky, so they put her back on the Narontin which helps with her nervous system. She now has 7 days off of steroids, and believe it or not, has a small appetite. Her belly is really bloated again, she looks so funny walking around...she looks like a tiny pregnant person. Other than these very small circumstances, she is doing GREAT! We go back for week 3 of chemo next Thursday. Truly I tell you, the Doctors are absolutely amazed at how well she has handled the last rounds of chemo. They keep preparing us for hte worst, we listen and continue to respond with God's promises over her. Fortunately, our Doctors are in agreement with us. I am still putting a skiiny pig tail on top of her head...who knows, she may never totally lose it. That would be so like God to spare me from that hurt, but its only an earthly set back, its not eternal.

My first born, Natey, turned 14 today....can somone please explain to my heart that its time to let him grow up. Oh my heart, I love this boy so very much. I will never ever forget his quick delivery in to this world. He came out with a perfect head, perfect face, and eye's wide open...ready to take on the world. He's been that way ever since. He has been performing for us since in the womb and he never stops. He brings us so much joy, he is a wonderful son, a helpful and kind big brother and a ver doting and loving big brother to his sister. Heavenly Father, I know he's "on lone" to us from you...just want to thank you for trusting your spirit in him with us. We took Nate and our fam to dinner at the Melting Pot tonight for a special celebration. The boys loved it, and Bella enjoyed walking around the restaurant to hear everyone say "awwwwe, she is so cute"!

I am on my lap top, pics are on my desk top down stairs. so you will have to wait for pics till Sunday and they will be from our ski trip day.

Thanks friends for checking, I like to post more often as I know you are checking in and I want you to see someting, but most days, I just run out of time to gather my thoughts together to type.

I am working on this issue as I love to blog.


Leslie said...

Happy birthday to your dear son!!! My oldest son is 14 as well and really i have NO clue where time went!!!

My daughter will be 16 in may and im in shock..Arent i took young to have a 16 year old? LOL

Have a great trip and cant wait to see pics!


Cheri (prounounced Cherry...really!) said...

Let Bella know that Malae-Sloan has a tummy like she has all the time and she has never been on steroids. Malae starts gymnastics Monday....wait til you see her in her costume. Her physique cracks us up....just like her Mama. Have a great time today. I'm jealous....I've never skiied (sp?). You could teach me!!! love.

Susie said...

Have fun skiing--I'm too much of a weenie to try it! So happy that sweet Bella baby is doing so well given the circumstances. Happy late Birthday to Nate--what a blessing to have such a wonderful son!

Cat and Mark said...

Hope you guys had a great day! Glad that Bella is doing so well!! We're thinking about her! :)

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Happy bday Nate! My oldest is 16 going on 17 next month. It is so hard to let them grow up. (That's why I like to keep young one's around).

Glad to hear Bella is tolerating the chemo so well. Keeping the prayers going for her and your family.

Have fun skiing. Can't wait to see the pics.

Colbert Family said...

Sooo happy to hear how well Bella continues to do! You're in the final stretch now of the "tough stuff" and seems like she's breezing through. God is so good :)!!
We love the Melting Pot! So happy you had a nice time celebrating your son :)
Have a great trip!

Alex and Sam said...

so glad to hear bella is doing well, happy birthday nate!!! have a great day


Sig said...

Isn't it crazy how fast time flies?
So glad Bella is doing so well!

Rhonda said...

Awesome to hear Bella is still doing so well. Great news :-) and have an awesome time on your trip.

Pam L said...

So happy to read Bella continues to do so well! And still has enough hair for a pony tail, that's amazing!
Hope you had a great ski trip. That's something I've never tried (and probably never will).
Happy Birthday Nate! I know it is crazy how fast the time flies. They want to grow up and we want to keep them young. No matter how old he is, he will continue to be a blessing to you and your family.

Keeping you in my prayers!