Our life is nothing short of an adventure...

Wind in our hair and screams of delight but also unpredictable turns and unknown outcomes. We are a family of six; Dave, Susie, Nate, Jake, Sam, and Bella.

God has been faithful in our marriage and through the birth and blessings of our boys.

God has been faithful during our adoption journey and united Bella with us in May of 2008. We were privileged to visit with Bella's birth mother; therefore, Bella's family in Guatemala will always be dear to our hearts.

On October 16, 2008, Bella was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. We are now battling the disease with 2 years and 3 months of treatment. We believe God will continue to be faithful!

Our family is committed to living life to the fullest...even on the hard days. Thank you for checking in and journeying with us!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's Quiet

Well, the boys left yesterday afternoon for Colorado and have already called us today talking about their first ski day. They are having a great time and make wonderful memories. It has left Dave and I wondering what to do with all the quiet. Believe it or not, we feel like we have a bunch of time on her hands. Since the weather has been sunny and in the 40's, we started Spring Cleaning. In the last 2 days, we have managed to clean out the garage, the boys media and music room, and their 2 bedrooms! Purging feels so good and is great therapy.

Bella continues to do great. To be perfectly honest, the last 7 weeks have been so good that its easy to forget most days that Bella is a chemo patient. She still has a descent head of hair, (it has thinned out a lot, but no bald spots), she's eating and drinking great, walking and talking non-stop, playful, happy and just all around fun. Dave and I were watching her walk around outside on the driveway and the last time we remember watching her so happy and strong was the end of September 08'. We are treasuring these moments and absolutely giving God all the glory! He is faithful to His Word and we continue to speak it over her on a daily basis.

We got out the "potty" last week, just for Bella to become familiar with, she is in no way ready for potty training. She still pee's immediately when taking her diaper off and doesn't think anything of it. Friday afternoon I was working on my lap and I heard her calmly saying "stuck"..."stuuuuuck". When I turned around, this is what I found. Sweet girl, she makes us laugh all the time.


Cheri (prounounced Cherry...really!) said...

Love the new pics! So thankful to God that Bella Boo is thriving. May is coming soon!

Vanessa said...

I'm so glad Bella is doing well!! We still pray for her all the time!

Jaimee said...

I love her dress and she looks soooo happy! We are trying to introduce the idea of the potty as well. Would love to hear your ideas along the way.


The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

Bella looks so good. We are still praying for Bella. I love her curls. I have yet to cut Luca's I can't resist running my fingers through his after his bath.

Leslie said...

love that outfit!!!!

what a doll!


Rhonda said...

Thanks be to God that she is doing so incredibly well and I can soooo relate to the "purging" with having the two older boys moving out!!!!

Jack said...

We are so happy that Bella is doing well! She is a doll...the outfit looks cute on her, glad it fits :) We continue to pray!

Alex and Sam said...

so glad to hear bella is doing well.I love her heart outfit...


Gail said...

I was just thinking about you and Bella yesterday and wondering how you were. God just told me to pray for you so I did. I love the dress Bella has on. Glad to hear you are all doing well.

David and Marianne said...

Too funny! I am filled with joy to know God has been taking such sweet care of you all through such a challenging trial. We continue to pray for you!

Sandy at God Speaks Today said...

So glad Bella is doing so well. I have her button on my blog and see her every single day.

Praying for a full recovery and/or healing.

Sandy (mom to Elliana--Guatemala)

The Burk Family said...

Oh too cute!
I know how you feel! Every night when I have to go tinkle in our dark bathroom and my wonderful husband forgets to put the seat back down...I get stuck in the potty too! :)

You would probaby like Reni and Eli's Royal potty chair it sings.. My favorite is the toilet paper song...Just can't get that tune out of my head....
"Toilet paper, Toilet paper, on a roll...Next to me. I can use a few squares...Maybe one or two squares...how bout three...Hooray for me!"

As Always not just praying...but PROCLAIMING Victory in the name of Jesus!


4.0 said...

I love the one in her diaper and the expression on her face. Don't ya' just feel like that some days? I do!

Colbert Family said...

She's beautiful!! So happy she's feeling good :)

wvamom said...

Bella is such a doll! And now you have some great blackmail pics to show her dates when she is a teenager.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Amanda said...

She is soooo beautiful! And smart and wonderful and delicious. Glad you're able to enjoy her joyfulness and do spring cleaning at the same time!

Much love to you all,
Amanda and Gabi

Mary Ann said...

Bella you are one sweet girl!!! You do look wonderful! I know what you mean when the boys are gone or even just one of them. Boys are some noisy things aren't they! Glad to hear you are getting alot of one on one with sweet girl! I bet she ate it up! But probably still wondered where her brothers were!