Our life is nothing short of an adventure...

Wind in our hair and screams of delight but also unpredictable turns and unknown outcomes. We are a family of six; Dave, Susie, Nate, Jake, Sam, and Bella.

God has been faithful in our marriage and through the birth and blessings of our boys.

God has been faithful during our adoption journey and united Bella with us in May of 2008. We were privileged to visit with Bella's birth mother; therefore, Bella's family in Guatemala will always be dear to our hearts.

On October 16, 2008, Bella was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. We are now battling the disease with 2 years and 3 months of treatment. We believe God will continue to be faithful!

Our family is committed to living life to the fullest...even on the hard days. Thank you for checking in and journeying with us!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


A frustrated Bella trying to get off her Princess Car

"Ah Mom, not liking the hat"

Pouting because MOm said "NO".

"Ok Mom, I will leave it on if we go for a walk"

This is also a new trick for Bella, if she does not want to eat her food, she puts it on top of her head. Silly girl.

Oh my....2 weeks goes by quickly. I apologize for not updating sooner. All is well, busy. It's fall, and our family is getting ready for Halloween! We by no means "celebrate" this holiday, but we do have FUN with it. We go all out for a Halloween Bash, Dance Floor included.

Bella girl is growing much to quickly for her Mama. She is saying many words, "bye-bye, Hi, Mama (this one is said non-stop all day long), Dada, Nay-Nay (Natey), baw (ball), boo (book), and mmmmmm for (moo). She is crawling up and down stairs, and over the weekend, she took 4 steps several times. Her newest and greatest trick....holding her breath when crying. She scared me, I have never seen a child do this before. She lets out this huge initial cry and then holds it and does not catch her breath. She goes limp, throws her head back and rolls her eyes. Fortunately for me, she has not past out yet and I am believing she never will. Not a trick I am fond of, but entertaining none the less. She loves books, she is not a big eater but sure looks like it, she has only about 8 solid foods she likes to eat, and not one of them is a vegetable. She has the sweetest personality, very snuggly, very attached to Mama, she would prefer being held all day rather than moving around. She gives kisses, rarely when asked, but as a sign of affection. Often, I will just be watching her play and she comes over to me and say's "Mama" and leans in to kiss me. Be still my heart. Daddy gets a shoulder snuggle, pat on the back and kiss every night when he comes home. She is not too fond of her brothers right now, clingy to Mom and Dad. The boys are handling it really well, but it breaks my heart. I know it will pass, but she has adored them and the boys adore her...almost too much. She dislikes her car seat, but loves her pink car. She seems to be growing like a weed, again, not ready for her to get big. She is totally using a sippy cup, but this Mama and baby still enjoy snuggle time at night with a bottle. She melts our hearts with the sweetest smile and the biggest brown eyes. We love this little girl with all our heart and praise God always for his perfect plan of all our children.

Thanks for checking in,


Susie said...

Thanks for the update! I'm glad all is well. Bella and Ryenn are alot alike in so many ways! God's plan is perfect, even on the most tiring of days, isn't it?!

The gFamily said...

I can totally relate to a baby wanting her mama all day. Gillian also loves to be held by mama and give kisses! We are so loved, aren't we?!!

Bella does have the biggest, most beautiful brown eyes! I love all of her expressions!

Good job, big girl, on taking those steps!

The Jeltemas said...

LOL...love the food on the head...she is so cute man!thanks for the update, she is getting bigger like over nite it seems.

Pam L said...

Love the pictures! I have a non vegetable eater who loves to be held too, and she's four! I was hoping the vegetable thing would change, but I'm up for the holding part for as long as it can possibly last.

Mary Ann said...

I always love all the Bella pictures! She is getting so big!

Robyn said...

What cute pics!!