Our life is nothing short of an adventure...

Wind in our hair and screams of delight but also unpredictable turns and unknown outcomes. We are a family of six; Dave, Susie, Nate, Jake, Sam, and Bella.

God has been faithful in our marriage and through the birth and blessings of our boys.

God has been faithful during our adoption journey and united Bella with us in May of 2008. We were privileged to visit with Bella's birth mother; therefore, Bella's family in Guatemala will always be dear to our hearts.

On October 16, 2008, Bella was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia. We are now battling the disease with 2 years and 3 months of treatment. We believe God will continue to be faithful!

Our family is committed to living life to the fullest...even on the hard days. Thank you for checking in and journeying with us!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Celebrating Freedom!

My Nathan and I waiting for fireworks. We are so fortunate that fireworks take place right on our lake and we sit right out front of the cottage.

My munchkins, Nate, Jake, Bella and Sam

Miss 4th of July!

Bella and her cousins closest in age, Donnie and Joey

Jake and Bella swimming in the lake. She loves it!

Just Engaged, my brother Joe and Erin! Welcome to the family Erin!

My sister Mary and I.

Big Bass! Both Jake and Sam caught huge Bass this past weekend.

This is what happens when its pouring down rain, you have no rain gear or umbrella and have to run next door to our other cottage. My sister decided to put on the wet suit to stay dry. Oh how we all laughed.

Bella hates the grass but loves the sand!

This is Bella's favortie thing to do at the cottage. She loves floating in her lady bug tube with all of her cousins. Peekaboo in the water is a high light.

The kids all grabbed the lawn chairs and decided to play a water game.

Oh to be the Princess.

Bella Boo!

This was another game made up by my boys and their cousins. They would see how many tubes they could stack on top of one of them and then they would have to walk out to the water and see how far they could get before the tubes started to fall.

Sweet baby girl and sat up in her crib but could not figure out how to lay back down. She fell a sleep sitting up and then falling over on her bear. Sweet Baby.

My handsome Sam.

Chilly First Boat Ride

Jake and his cousin Johnny

Bella and her Daddy

Bella is all about the hammock

My niece Grace

My nephew Johnny

Sam and yet another Bass!

Jake and Bella

Phew! Lots of pictures to post. We spent the past 10 days at the family cottage with all 5 of my siblings, their spouses and kids. As always, a great time was had by all. Over all, we had great weather, a couple cold rainy days, but we made the best of it. Last year at this time we were waiting for news of our referral, this year, our daughter celebrated the 4th of July at a US Citizen. Sunday July 6th, my husband Dave and I celebrated 17 years of marriage. He's still the love of my life and I would marry him all over again.

Bella is now waving bye bye and hi, doing "so big", clapping, bringing out her cheesy smile every time the camera comes out and crawling on all 4's. She has 3 teeth, two on the bottom on one "fang" on top. She is working hard to pull her self up to a standing position. She is also sporting the worlds best tan. In addition, when her hair hits the sun directly, it frizzes out, its so funny. The minute she hits the shade, it turns back to its silky smooth self. She has had so many firsts in the last 10 days, I love seeing her achieve these milestones, but at the same time, sad that she is growing so quickly. She is such a fun baby and we are enjoying her so very much.

Thanks for checking in, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.


Auntie G said...

Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

Cheri (prounounced like the tree, like the fruit, as in Cherry Pie) said...

It's about time you got home to update us all! We've been sitting on pins and needles to see what the Ferricks have been up to! We are all good, and weather in Missouri is SO HOT AND HUMID!!! It's worn Malae and Mama OUT today. See you soon...can't wait. love, Cheri

The gFamily said...

Bella is a beach baby for sure! I loved all the new pics! The lake looks like SO much fun!!! Glad you all had a great time!!

demp5 said...

What a beautiful family you have! It looks like you all had a blast at the lake - such great memories for the kids!!

Courtney said...

Looks like a great time. I love her blue and white bikini. Where did you get it ?? Bella is so adorable. Courtney

Mary Ann said...

awe!!! great pictures! bella is a doll! looks like you all fad a great 4th.

lovingourtwoguys said...

MY WORD your family is beautiful!! Oh how it warms my heart to see you all together and so happy. So beautiful!!


Candy said...

LOVE the Navy Bikini...and Love all the FUN it looks like you all had as a family...Wow wish we had a cottage too...next to yours. Love the MADE UP GAMES TOO...by the way your BOYS are so handsome too...HUGS

Jagger has the same teeth as Bella and he LOVES TO EAT...Even with very few teeth...

Carla said...

GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Your kids are all so beautiful and precious. I have lake envy so bad right now.

Our Family of 5 said...

Beautiful Beautiful Kiddos!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

You're family is beautiful. What fun to enjoy the summer with family!! I love the swimming suits Bella has.